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About Vahé

Vahé Abed was raised as an ethnic minority in Tehran, where he earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Graphic Design. He later received membership to the Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS) and ran a successful studio that worked on a wide range of projects.
As part of his personal goal to make a difference in the community, he has designed posters that address women's rights, child labor, renewable energy, and animal protection, alongside humanitarian causes like poverty and the refugee crisis. Judges have selected his works out of thousands to include in design competitions around the world. Other creative projects include directing music videos, writing stories, designing tattoos, creating motion graphics, starting a silk-screen apparel company, and learning techniques like engraving, color correction, and commercial offset printing.
When thinking about graphic design, Vahé first thinks about the tools that help an image or a motion picture communicate with the audience. His creative process ranges from using both analog and digital tools as a product photographer to visualizing shots starting from a series of sketches on paper. He has also spent time developing stylistic tools with simplicity, minimalism, white space, and contrast as staple characteristics of his work. 
Vahé embraces the importance of original photography in the graphics he designs and continues to seek new ways to convey the most impactful meaning through simple imagery.

He currently has bases in Los Angeles and New York.

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